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NoisyVision is a non-profit organization that empowers people with visual or hearing limitations and educates the community on accessibility and inclusion.

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Usher Syndrome

How I've learned to stop worrying and love my limits.

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Every Second Counts. Times Square Takevover

A groundbreaking awareness campaign to change the future of Usher syndrome “Every Second Counts” is a call to action and a vivid exploration into the lives of those affected by Usher syndrome, a rare genetic disorder causing the progressive loss of combined deafness and blindness.

Bravo Matteo

This is Matteo.  He is Dario’s older brother.  NoisyVision was born from their idea.  Until today Matteo has remained behind the scenes.  By nature and by choice.  Today he crossed the finish line.  An important milestone.  He completed the Wizz Air Milano Marathon in 3:17:54  He came 1004th out of 8500 participants and 186th in the SM45 category.  An excellent placement.  Waiting for him upon arrival were his daughters Rebecca and Agnese and his wife Sara.  They cheered proudly.  Matteo was happy.  Because this achievement is the reward for his consistency, dedication and passion in training.  Matteo deserves applause.

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The lists of beneficiaries of the 5×1000 for the year 2022 have been published (IN Italy everyone who does the tax declaration can choose an NGO to donate the 0.5% of the taxes.

How accessible are the cities and the places we live in? How could accessibility be improved? How difficult or easy is to travel in a given destination?
With the #YellowTheWorld map we collect stories of user experiences, to share best practices and help others to choose their travel destinations. Navigate the map, read other user experiences and tell us your story.
We care about you, we care about moving easily and safely. We want to #YellowTheWorld.

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STARGARDT… e dintorni.

Donato Di Pierro is the founder and editor of the blog STARGARDT… e dintorni Donato is suffering from a variant of Stargardt disease, juvenile macular degeneration that affects the central part of the retina, the one that has the function to make us see the details.

Appennino Slow

Non-profit tour operators, for 21 years “with” and “for” the territory. Lovers of their land, living breathe it every day.

Retina Italia Onlus

Retina Italia Onlus is the National Association for the fight against inherited retinal dystrophies. On of the main purpose is the promotion and development of scientific research for the identification of the causes, treatment and prevention of retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, inherited retinal dystrophies and other diseases that cause low vision and blindness.

Usher Syndrome Coalition

OUR MISSION: The Usher Syndrome Coalition’s mission is to raise awareness and accelerate research for the most common genetic cause of combined deafness and blindness.