Dario Sorgato

Being an Usher is difficult but not a sin. Dario Sorgato founded NoisyVision as a starting point to transform his disability into something positive –
Relentless traveler, writer, performer, he tries to combine his passions to create visionary projects to help others to live comfortably with their limits.

Donato Di Pierro

Blogger of the project STARGARDT… e dintorni e advisor at Retina Italia Onlus, he walked from Tirrenic Sea to Adriatic Sea to raise funds for the research on retinal diseases.
With NoisyVision he coordinated and the project The Gods like it Yellow

Nadia Luppi

“I chose to share the gift of serenity found with others, through meeting, listening, training and counseling.” She proposes and realizes projects of awareness and learning on the subjects of disability, diversity and inclusion .

Timo Vehviläinen
Social worker

Social worker, traveler and sauna lover from Helsinki, Finland
Partially sighted since birth –
Active in Finnish Visual impairment community, first as a student and since 2014 working as a rehabilitation counselor for blind children and their families.

Karina Chupina

Passionate disability rights advocate for more than 15 years and President of IFHOHYP (www.ifhohyp.org) in 2004-2014 – Global Advisor to the Disability Rights Fund (Boston, USA) –

Her main fields of interest are social inclusion, disability rights, youth and social policy, intercultural learning, civil society capacity building, and non-formal education –


Maaike Bennink

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