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Neptune Likes it YellowSailing trip from Imperia to Azur CoastLINK
Il Cammino di Oropa – #YellowTheWorldTrekking from Santhia to Oropa SanctuaryLINK
Jul 29Trekking in Foreste CasentinesiFrom Camaldoli to La VernaLINK
Jun 8Trekking on Via FrancigenaFrom Lucca to SienaLINK
May 10Trekking along The Way of GodsFrom Bologna to FirenzeLINK


Oct 21Sacred Forests and FoliageTrekking in the sacredness of the forest with the colors of autumn. from 21 to 25 OctoberLINK
Sep 26The Etruscan coastTrekking along the sea to discover our roots. September 26 and 27LINK
Jul 11Neptune Likes it YellowSailing trip from Imperia to Azur CoastLINK
Jul 3Onde GialleSailing Weekend On Romagna Coast from July 3 to 5LINK
Jun 21Passi Gialli – FlorenceDay trip SeminarLINK
Jun 12Foreste CasentinesiTrekking from Jun12 to 16LINK
May 24Passi Gialli – BolognaDay trip SeminarLINK
May 11Via degli Dei – Way fo GodsTrekking from Bologna to FlorenceLINK
May 9Passi Gialli – BolognaDay trip SeminarLINK
Apr 30Il Cammino di Oropa – #YellowTheWorldTrekking from Santhia to Oropa SanctuaryLINK
Apr 24Apennine paths between love and resistanceTrekking from April 24 to 26.LINK
Apr 19

Passi Gialli – Fossalta – Villa della Quercia

Day trip SeminarLINK
Apr 10Via Ghibellina, from Florence to PoppiTrekking from 10 to 13 AprilLINK
Apr 5Passi Gialli – Ponteassieve, FlorenceDay trip SeminarLINK
Apr 3Walking in every senseSeminar about walking and the sense from April 3 to 5LINK
Mar 22NoisyVision at StramilanoA yellow group at the Milan marathonLINK


Oct3The Donkeys Like it Yellow
3 oct – 6 oct
Journey on foot along the transhumance route from Cascian (PI) to Rosignano MarittimoLINK
Set27In cammino, in ogni senso
27 set – 29 set
Seminar on sensorialityLINK
Set8In the Mountains We Are All Equals IV
8 set – 14 set
Walking Trip from Bologna to FlorenceLINK
Ago31Landing Party – Neptune Likes it YellowParty at the end of the trip by SailboatLINK
Ago29The Way of Oropa with other eyes.
29 ago – 1 set
Walking Trip from Santhià to Santuario di OropaLINK
Ago24Neptune Likes it YellowNaples, Press ConferenceLINK
Ago24Neptune Likes it Yellow
24 ago – 31 ago
Sailing trip from Naples to the Island of ElbaLINK