#YellowTheWorld is a campaign to raise awareness on accessibility and to promote the mobility of visually impaired and blind.

The hashtag can be explained with “Let´s paint the world with  yellow“. An easy way to make the spaces, the environments, the cities more visible to people with visual disabilities, facilitating their mobility. Yellow, when used in contrast with the black and gray of urban elements, allows better identification of steps and other obstacles.

The symbol of the campaign is a yellow thumb, used to tag the places that have something positive in terms of accessibility.
The world map of this website 9visible only on desktop) collects some of the positive and even negative situations experienced in different locations around the world.
Over the years #YellowTheWorld has turned from a purely media campaign into concrete activities and actions that have made possible new experiences.

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Read the stories of other users and tell us about yours, adding it to the map. You can download and print your yellow thumb and help to paint the world yellow.

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Last entries

  • Cammino dei Briganti

    Cammino percorso nel 2022 con la Compagnia dei Cammini
  • Japan is very visual friendly

    The pictures are showing very precise and usable guidelines for blind people. They are yellow on gray pavement so they can be seen very well and used not only with the white cane but also to follow the path.
  • Tokyo

    The Japanese really got it right
  • Via della Transumanza

    A new accessible and inclusive path for visually impaired, blind and sighted people. From Marciana to Rosignano Marittimo through the Pisan countryside.
  • Maroccan Desert

    The group of Nordic Walking “Passi nel Suono” was in Marocco over New Year Eve. They were all yellow and they dedicated to #YellowTheWorld some of their steps on the sand
  • Yellowstone

    There is not a place in the wordl more Yellow than here.
    We came for our honeymoon after we married in Italy.
  • Phnom Penh

    Tuk Tuk are a great way to experience Phnom Penh. You can move around the city safely protected inside them.
  • Mui Né Beach, safe out of Saigon

    Vietnam is not an easy country for visually impaired. Especially the cities. They are very crowded and the traffic is mad.
  • Negev Desert