NoisyVision aims to contribute to the epochal change in the perception of disability, from limit to value, creating an inclusive community where diversity is recognized as creative and expressive resource.


NoisyVision is a non profit organization that wants to create an international network of people  and organizations that want to share their skills, resources and experiences to make environments, services and information more accessible to people with visual and / or hearing disabilities, in order to transform the perception of limit that the individual has for himself and for others.


  • Respect. In all its meanings and forms, for oneself, other people, things, the environment and the future.
  • Integrity. We adopt with transparency and respect the behavioral models inspired by moral integrity and professional rigor and we develop actions, with respect to these coherent.
  • Inclusion. We want to promote social inclusion, ensuring the inclusion of each individual in our initiatives and access to information, regardless of physical, sensorial or linguistic limitations, within the limits of our possibilities and knowledge.
  • Empowerment. We want to encourage people, whether members or not, to take the initiative to develop activities relevant to our mission, enhancing the creativity.
  • Community. We believe in the importance of hospitality, mutual support and cultural and social diversity.
  • Trust. Especially in life and in the endless possibilities it can offer in transforming limits into opportunities.
  • Curiosity. Understood as an openness to the new and a desire to know and learn what human beings and Nature have to offer as an opportunity for personal development and improvement of living spaces.
  • Adventure spirit. Courage. Motivation. Positivity. Optimism. Open Mind. A set of values ​​that do not need definition. They are indispensable ingredients for implementing the change and visionary goals we have set ourselves.


  • We are committed to building a network of people that fosters the sharing of life stories, experiences, skills and talents.
  • We help people with disabilities to become aware of their limitations and find valid growth opportunities, both individual and collective.
  • We create opportunities for meeting between people, also of different nationalities: building projects aimed at promoting and carrying out trips and socialization and exchange activities around the world.
  • We plan actions to improve accessibility to environments and services; What improves the lives of a few can be valid for everyone.
  • We think that art, visual or verbal, is an important communication tool for people with perceptive limits, that can connect them both to those facing the same challenges and to those who do not does. We produce videos, publish prose, promote visual arts and artistic events.

••• Here are some of our focus areas •••

Travelling: We work to organize different kinds of trips, from mountain trekking to city weekends. We want to encourage people to live their own adventures and enjoy the world even through their limits.
Accessibility: We promote a culture of accessibility in urban and non-urban spaces. We aim at increasing the mobility potential of people with visual impairments.
Art: We understand and stress the relevance of visual and verbal arts as a communication tool for people with sensory limitations, connecting them to those who face similar challenges and those who do not. We produce movies, publish prose, promote visual art and artistic events.


Information: We constantly collect stories and news related to visual and hearing impairment, covering these topics in social, scientific and institutional perspectives.