NoisyVision’s mission is building a network of people who want to share their skills, resources, stories and experiences to improve the life of people with visual and/or hearing impairments, and to let others better understand them.

••• Here are some of our focus areas •••

Travelling: We work to organize different kinds of trips, from mountain trekking to city weekends. We want to encourage people to live their own adventures and enjoy the world even through their limits.
Accessibility: We promote a culture of accessibility in urban and non-urban spaces. We aim at increasing the mobility potential of people with visual impairments.
Art: We understand and stress the relevance of visual and verbal arts as a communication tool for people with sensory limitations, connecting them to those who face similar challenges and those who do not. We produce movies, publish prose, promote visual art and artistic events.


Information: We constantly collect stories and news related to visual and hearing impairment, covering these topics in social, scientific and institutional perspectives.