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The lists of beneficiaries of the 5×1000 for the year 2022 have been published
(IN Italy everyone who does the tax declaration can choose an NGO to donate the 0.5% of the taxes. This is not an additional tax but is deducted from the amount owed to the State. It is more a choice than a donation)

NoisyVision received 157 preferences.

It’s a good number, especially since it’s growing compared to 2021. 48 more.


This is a number but each unit represents a person, a choice.

THANKS to you, who are one of them.

On this occasion, we want to add a special thanks to Hasan.

We know nothing about him, except that he lives in the United Kingdom.

Hasan punctually donates an amount to NoisyVision every second month.

He’s our only regular donor.

Punctually he sends a donation to NoisyVision.

From the other side of the continent Hasan understood who we are and what we do, he liked us and he decided to support us.
Constantly, regularly.

Those involved in fundraising know that the goal of any fundraising campaign should be to find more Hasans.
Regular donors who guarantee the non-profit organization an income it can count on.

We wish there were 100 of Hasan. 1000 maybe!
It would be the certainty of being able to continue our work without fear of affecting the budget.
Perhaps it would be the certainty of finally being able to look for a fixed location, a home where to welcome the people who live around this wonderful yellow world.

Thanks again everyone,
And thank you Hasan, because you make us believe it’s possible!

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