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The Italian version of this post explains how to donate the 5X1000 to NoisyVision. This is a way to donate the 0,5% of your taxes to an association or organisation of your choice, at the moment of the tax declaration.
These are not additional taxes but a part of the taxes that the Governament gives to the no profit.

If you are reading this article in English most likely you do not live in Italy and do not declare taxes in Italy, therefore it does not apply to you.
However you could still make a donation to NoisyVision onlus here.

NoisyVision was born for several years but only at the end of 2017 is a non-profit organization. So only from 2018 we can benefit from the 5X1000
In these years we have worked hard to provide information, awareness and projects for people with visual and hearing disabilities. And until today we have done everything with our personal strengths and finances.
years of pure voluntary service, not only without economic gains.
From the human point of view and the results achieved, however, the gains are enormous.

We have implemented initiatives that have changed the lives of people, such as The Visionary EUrope and Also Agli Dei Piace Giallo
We have helped many people to accept their limits, to overcome them if necessary.
People are really beginning to understand that being disabled does not mean being inferior.

NoisyVision is still a small reality but if we measure it on the achievements we feel enormous.
If we could count on more or less constant and substantial economic contributions we could do much more.

  • Spend more time creating content that you need to inform
  • Expanding work with children and school kids.
  • Organize other activities in nature, in Italy and abroad.
  • Help the associations of our network dealing with research funding on rare diseases.

Please support us!

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