Bravo Matteo

This is Matteo.
 He is Dario’s older brother.
 NoisyVision was born from their idea.
 Until today Matteo has remained behind the scenes.
 By nature and by choice.
 Today he crossed the finish line.
 An important milestone.
 He completed the Wizz Air Milano Marathon in 3:17:54
 He came 1004th out of 8500 participants and 186th in the SM45 category.
 An excellent placement.
 Waiting for him upon arrival were his daughters Rebecca and Agnese and his wife Sara.
 They cheered proudly.
 Matteo was happy.
 Because this achievement is the reward for his consistency, dedication and passion in training.
 Matteo deserves applause. One hundred, one thousand applause. Because he arrived at the end on his own two feet and with his strength.
 Competing with hundreds of athletes like him.
 There is only one small, substantial difference.
 Matteo has Usher Syndrome.
 With all the difficulties that this entails.
 Sight and hearing not quite like everyone else’s.
 Yet by nature and by choice, he runs, climbs mountains and walks at high altitudes without fanfare or ambitions for glory. Simply to be himself.
 Obviously for all the reasons above we tell this story even though he would have preferred to remain anonymous. But it seems right to do so to tell a story of ordinary normality.
 Because stories of determination, courage and conquest exist even where no one imagines it.
 There are people who live with their disability in a simple, almost serene, and equally amazing way.
 Well done Matteo.

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