Blind, dumb or deaf?



Do you know TOMMY, the album by The Who?
It is a concept album based on the story of a boy born at the end of World War I, who became deaf, blind and mute. The episode that determines this situation is the murder of the Tommy’s mother by his father  a British airman returning from the front. The parents of Tommy, who attends the scene behind the mirror, tell the child not to speak, see and hear anything. The traumatized Tommy becomes mute, blind and deaf.
While the story told by the lyrics and music of Tommy at the end of the album manages to break free from its blockade of the senses after his mother destroys the mirror at home, in reality things are different.
Some people with Usher syndrome are blind, deaf and mute.
When the syndrome is type I are very serious hearing problems since birth and this can lead to difficulties in learning the language and communication.
(Watch this video to figure out how a mute deafblind communicates)

This is one of the most debilitating condition that can be imagined. Although it may be unwise to compare the diseases, the deafblindness involves serious communicative limitations and therefore reduces the  connection with the otside world and feelings pass only through the skin. Only what is tangible, size, temperature, motion, can become information. Sounds, images,, songs, music, landscapes, expressions. How can they reach a deafblind?How do they perceive the world, life? What are the mental constructions, reconstructions of the world that are generated? Limitations of learning are also limitations of being?

There are many questions that would be interesting to ask to deaf, dumb and blind, even one of the limitations is sufficient to create significant difficulties.
Probably it is easier to replace the handicap is the mutism, as there are others ways and methods to communication beside the word. Among the three is the only output, whie hearing and sight are input systems.

If I were forced to choose, what restrictions would you choose?

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