All the Facebook groups for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired – Hard of Hearing


List updated on 23 April 2019In this post we want to collect all groups for deaf and hearing impaired. They range from support groups, to groups that talk about technology, sports, leisure, recreational activities. We would like to try to be as complete and comprehensive as possible so if you do not have one you know, let us know.

Community for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Deaf and Hard of Hearing
DeafBlind Independent Living
Deaf City
Deaf Freedom
Deaf Travel Group
Deaf Women’s LifeStyle
Deaf World Facebook
Deaf world Fellowship
DEAF WORLD KISS FIST VLOGGER\SFriends of The Deaf Foundation (FDF)
Deaf World Sign Language Smile Peace
Deaf World V.I.P
Deaf young
Global Deaf Community
Rehabilitation Counselors for the Deaf, HOH & Deaf-Blind

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