All the Facebook groups for the blind and visually impaired


Updated list: 21st April 2019 – 18:23
Here is the updated list of Facebook groups for the blind and visually impaired.
They are in alphabetical order and there is a total of 91 groups. The groups range from support, tech advice to groups specific to eye conditions. I know there are many other groups out there, so if you have a group that isn’t on the list, please let me know and I will add it to the list.
The list was taken from the page Blind Awareness, after asking permission to the Page manager.

Accessible Games For Blind And Visually Impaired. – (Closed Group)
Accessible Smart Homes – (Public Group)
Active Living. Sports/Recreation For All Abilities. – (Closed Group)
Amazon – Echo, Dot, Alexa & Skills for Blind & Partially Sighted – (Closed Group)
A New Way of Seeing – (Public Group)
Beyond My Battle – Support Group – (Closed Group)
Blind And Sighted People With iPhones – (Public Group)
blind and visually impaired Christians worldwide -(Closed Group)
Blind and Visually Impaired Friends – (Closed Group)
Blind And Visually Impaired People from All Over the World – (Closed Group)
Blind and Vision Impaired Social & Support Group – (Closed Group)
Blind and visually impaired support group – (Closed Group)
Blind & Vision Impaired Support Network – (Closed Group)
Blind Book Worms – (Closed Group)
Blind Bosses – (Closed Group)
blind chat, tips, views and information sharing community – (Closed Group)
blind Diva’s – (Closed Group)
blind entrepreneurs – (Closed Group)
Blind Friends – (Closed Group)
Blind Games – (Closed Group)
Blind Help Project – (Closed Group)
Blind in Music – (Closed Group)�blains iOS users – (Closed Group)
Blind Know-How – (Closed Group)
blind MTs – (Closed Group)
Blind Parent Alliance – (Closed Group)
Blind parents connect – (Closed Group)
Blind/ Partially sighted people association – (Public Group)
Blind Penpals – (Closed Group)
Blind People – (Closed Group)
Blind Tube – (Closed Group)�Blind/visually impaired women only – (Closed Group)

Bold Blind Beauty Group – (Public Group)
British Blind and VI Friends – (Closed Group)
British Blind Community – (Closed Group)
Corneal Transplant Support Group – (Closed Group)
EnABLED Disabled in Work & Business – (Public Group)
Guide Dog Handlers Network – (Closed Group)
iPhone and iPad Apps for the Blind And Visually Impaired – (Public Group)
Jobs for the blind – (Closed Group)
Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) (BLIND) – (Closed Group)
Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy PLUS (LHON PLUS) – (Closed Group)
LHON Society – (Closed Group)
LHON to LHON – (Closed Group)
Love Match For Blind Singles, Couples, Friendship And Fun – (Closed Group)
NVDA Screen Reader – (Public Group)
Nystagmus Network – (Closed Group)
Opportunities For The Blind – (Closed Group)
Retina UK Information and Support Group – (Closed Group)
Retinitis Pigmentosa Support Group (The RP Family Group ) – (Public Group)
retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) blind and low vision support group – (Closed Group)
RNIB Connect – Cymru
RNIB Connect – East of England – (Closed Group)
RNIB Connect – East Midlands – (Closed Group)
RNIB Connect – London – (Closed Group)
RNIB Connect – North East – (Closed Group)
RNIB Connect – North West – (Closed Group)
RNIB Connect – Northern Ireland – (Closed Group)
RNIB Connect – Parents and Carers – (Closed Group)
RNIB Connect – Scotland – (Closed Group)
RNIB Connect – South East – (Closed Group)
RNIB Connect – South West – (Closed Group)
RNIB Connect – West Midlands – (Closed Group)
RNIB Connect – Yorkshire and the Humber – (Closed Group)
Room with a view, visually expressive women – (Closed Group)
Rose Colored Glasses – (Closed Group)
Sandwell Visually Impaired (SVI) – (Public Group) *Sandwell area in the UK*
Sensory Support Group (SSG) – (Public/friend)
Sharing Community – (Closed Group)
Sight For Sore Eyes – Assistive Technology & Aids – (Closed Group)
sightless chef – (Closed Group)
Smarter Home Club – Smart Home Automation and Innovation – (Closed Group)
Technology For Blind And Visually Impaired – (Closed Group)
Tele Blind – (Closed Group)
The Funhouse – (Closed Group)
The Talking Book Café – (Closed Group)
The World Of Socialeye – (Closed Group)
The VI Talk Book Club – (Closed Group)
Visually impaired and blind singles – (Closed Group)
Visually Impaired Power Tools & DIY – (Closed Group)
VI Talk – (Closed Group)
VI Talk Arts & Crafts – (Closed Group)
VI Talk Resources – (Public Group)
VI Talk Travel – (Closed Group)
VI Talk Music – (Closed Group)
VI Women – (Closed Group)
What‘s In Your Pot? – (Closed Group)
Wilson’s Wildflowers – (Closed Group)

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  1. Hello. I am visually impaired from Algeria. I want you to give me a set of international marriage, work and sports. For the blind, visually impaired and handicapped. Thanks in advance

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