Bologna, where arrivals become a departure.


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After a year of work, you never know when you’re ready.
There is always something to do, or maybe a new idea.
The deadline is whenthe day comes.
And that day is tomorrow.
Tomorrow I leave to Bologna and meet seven of the ten participants to The Gods like Yellow.
An informal dinner, maybe a beer before the big day.

Saturday, May 21, at 13, Piazza del Nettuno. Bologna.

Let the party begin.
The band playes, the march starts.

A new wave of yellow invades the world. Italy this time. My country.
Yellow between two historical and important cities like Bologna and Florence.
Yellow in the spine, yellow in the hearth.
Of Italy and of all those who will be with us.

We go!
We will arrive.
These are certainties.
What will happen in the middle is to be experienced.
But we are ready for anything and in any case we will do our best.
We will achieve huge milestone only departing.
Getting to the departure point.
Being in that square.
It will be great.
I am sure a lot of people are thinking the same.
And many others will know in the future.
We do not know what comes next.
Now let’s enjoy this moment.
Everything is simply magnificent.
Whatever happens.
Because we know very well that even the misadventures have a sense and we know that the important is to enjoy the journey.
This is our message
Yellow or Black.

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