From Bologna to Florence to #YellowTheWorld



translated from Il Mattino di Padova

Two friends on a walk to widen the international map of palces accessible to visually impaired

SANT’ANGELO DI PIOVE. A walking journey from Bologna to Florence along the ancient “path of the gods”, to be covered in seven days, to mark with a yellow “like” places, signs and infrastructure accessible to the visually impaired. “Yellow the word” is the name of the awareness campaign which sees in the forefront Dario Sorgato and Donato Di Pierro. 37, from Sant’Angelo, the founder of the network NoisyVision the first; 38, Imola, blogger and advisor Retina Italy Onlus the second. Both are visually impaired. The two will start on May 21 and will go to Bologna by foot along the 120 kilometers of mountain trek that separate the city Emilia to Tuscany “branding” with a yellow thumb – the color that the visually impaired recognize better – places and infrastructure accessible to those who have the visual impairments. Spaces and objects that will become so instantly recognizable even by people with problems related to eye diseases. “The aim is to spread the culture of accessibility and improve the possibilities of movement of people with various visual abilities,” explained the organizers. They will alone: participation is open to anyone willing to walk, particularly the visually impaired. “The more participants, the greater the scope of this campaign,” they said, noting that “in this way we also want to show that you can live experiences and adventures, despite the limitations.” The campaign “Yellow the word” was started in Helsinki in 2014 and in 2015, thanks to Sorgato, also reached the Mount Everest.
vivere gradi esperienze e avventure, nonostante i propri limiti». La campagna “Yellow the word” è nata a Helsinki nel 2014 e nel 2015, grazie alla spedizione di Sorgato, ha raggiunto anche il Monte Everest. Informazioni sul progetto e sull’iniziativa (questo sito)
Martina Maniero

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