In the mountains we are all equals. Trekking from Bologna to Florence


It was May 2016 when 12 visually impaired people departed from Bologna to Florence with the intention of painting the world of yellow, to make it more visible and accessible. The story of that adventure has become a movie, which you can see in full here.
As we hear in the film, the desire was that the message was taken by the institutions and not only, to make other cities and other paths accessible. AppenninoSlow (a mixed public and private consortium that operates mainly on the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano ridge in the slow and sustainable tourism sector) has realized our wish: to make it possible for other blind and visually impaired people to live an accessible and safe adventure.

The project “In montagna siamo tutti uguali” (In the mountain we are all euqals) was awarded by MiBact (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism) and by Invitalia as an innovative project for the promotion of mountain areas.

Although individual differences are what makes us unique, the desire is to eliminate physical barriers and sensory limitations and offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy the cultural, scenic and gastronomic beauties of the Via degli Dei.
If you are blind or visually impaired this is an opportunity that you can not miss. The path is challenging but not difficult and above all you will be assisted by guides and volunteers prepared to assist you at best and throughout the journey. You will have the opportunity to enjoy nature, the company of new friends, the delicacies of the cuisine of Emilia and Tuscany. You will know the history and culture of those places, but above all you will live an adventure that will forever remain an indelible memory, certain that the people and the sensations you will encounter along the way will be the treasure that you will take along the way step by step.

At this link you will find all the information, but do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions.
What are you doing? are you still sitting there?
It’s time to start training, to prepare the backpack.
It’s time to go!

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