The Visual Bucket List Foundation

Do you remember the story of Lizzy? She is the little girl from Ohio with Usher Syndrome that in 2016 was all over the news because she was able to meet Pope Francis, as one of her Bucket List wishes.

Dario Sorgato speaker at USH Connections Conference, Philadelphia.

Attendees describe this conference as “life-changing,” an event with a positive atmosphere and a genuine sense of community. At the USH Connections Conference, you connect face-to-face with hundreds of people who “get it”, meet and network with others facing the same challenges, and learn the latest on developing treatments from leading USH researchers.

The consequences of climate change like a diagnosis of low vision

These days, on many websites, there are articles like this one taken from Indipendent. “‘High likelihood of human civilization coming to end’ by 2050, report finds” We refer you to the article itself to read the details of the apocalyptic scenario that lies ahead for all of humanity if something is not done within a decade.

Metal Goes Yellow

A few days ago a metal band has dedicate two concerts in support NoisyVision.  They distributed flyers to the people inviting them to make a donation.