Loss of sight is a grief


Loss of sight is a grief for those who experience it. We must then be able to escape from the gloomy clutches of depression. The world collapses, it seems to you that life is over. Before you have the desire and strength to start from scratch, you would like to arrive below zero, underground, only with your problem. You are alone, not because there are no people who love or understand you but only because at that moment it does not matter that you can do it, that you can live the same: you have lost yourself, your autonomy, your security, you are afraid of losing visual memories, forgetting faces and not being able to appreciate anything anymore.

You go from the from the abled to the disabled, from the person to the needy, from the strong to the weak. A hard, disenchanted and disillusioned period, where you certainly do not believe that the world can understand you, support you and accept you.
Slowly you try to be reborn, vented all the anger, the disappointment you realize that it is time to react and then maybe by chance you meet a person who changes your life: a friend, a passer-by, a charismatic person.
You are there, that perhaps you are able to lower the walls that have hid and protected you so far and still leave room for someone or something to give you hope; someone or something that has the strength to make you think and hope.
To all the people who after a big bad luck have lost their sight today I would like to wish you a lot of happiness, I would like to give you a hug, I would very much like to know that they are ready to start again..

Disability is never completely accepted because no one ever accepts a bereavement, you live trying to be Happy trying to pull yourself up and like a Lego construction, put together the remaining bricks by doing without the lost ones but wanting to have new ones.
The real Strength lies in knowing and overcoming one’s weakness, knowing how to ask for help when needed and letting someone still enter our wounded and mended hearts.

Easy? NO!

But no one has ever said that living is simple, even more so to be Happy.

Giovanni Maria Vaccaro

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