Airbnb Social Impact Experiences to Support NoisyVision


Last weekend we kicked off a new NoisyVision project, thanks to Airbnb Social Impact Experiences. This is a new way to promote causes, build awareness, and raise funds. Social impact experiences give Airbnb guests a chance to learn more about our mission and cause — and have some fun along the way.

We thought about reversing the concept of a tour in a city where blind or visually impaired people can offer tour to foreigners or local sighted people in order to explore a city like they have never seen before.

Here is the full description of the Experience we offer in Berlin.
Touch Berlin. A tour with a blind.

What we’ll do
Have you ever wondered how a blind person can move around, orientate, and explore a new enviroment? What does it mean to live in a city more accessible than others? How can you learn about art, architecture and landmarks with your hands? This is your chance to learn and dive into the senses. You will explore Berlin like you have never done. In fact you will mostly touch, smell, taste…. feel, You will be guiding the host around the city and the attention to what he does not see will make you understand deeper the value of your unique perception.
The exact same model could be replicated in any city.
If you are blind or visually impaired and you would like to support NoisyVision with some fun activities, here is the chance.
We would love to expand this project in every corner of the world supported by Airbnb.
Touch Milan, Touch Florence, Rome, Helsinki, Dublin, London…. we will make sighted people touche the world!
We will setup the Experience on Airbnb for you, and give you access to the calendar so you will be in control of the availabiity.
We believe this is a great way to raise awareness about visual impairment, but also a way to meet new people and share a great…experience!
All the expenses will be refunded. It will be fully free for the host.
If you are passionate about your city and you want to share with others what you know, please contact us.

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