Dario Sorgato speaker at USH Connections Conference, Philadelphia.


Attendees describe this conference as “life-changing,” an event with a positive atmosphere and a genuine sense of community. At the USH Connections Conference, you connect face-to-face with hundreds of people who “get it”, meet and network with others facing the same challenges, and learn the latest on developing treatments from leading USH researchers.

This event is organized by Usher Syndrome Coalition. one of the leading organization for Usher Syndrome.
There will be also members of Usher Syndrome Society and they will offer the chance to have your portrait taken as part of the traveling global exhibit called “Shine a Light on Usher Syndrome.”
The conference is also an opportunity to put an emphasis on the importance of joining the USH Trust registry. Nancy O’Donnell will be on site helping people join. n up here.

Among all the speakers there will be also Dario Sorgato, founder of NoisyVision, with a speech about
“Usher Inspiration: From Dreams to Action”

It is because of vision and hearing loss that people with Usher syndrome have the possibility to see and hear like no one else. Without denying the problems and hurdles of daily life, people with Usher can learn to understand the signals of their own world and share their uniqueness. The inspiration of what people with Usher can do is not only for the Usher community but also for those who think they see and hear because their eyes and ears are functioning. Given the fact Usher syndrome is a challenging condition, it can be transformed into something positive. Starting from his personal experience and travels through the achievements of the NGO he founded, Dario Sorgato will provide some ideas on how to pursue your goals and think about your next step, perhaps the first, to realize your own dreams.

Dario Sorgato was born in Italy in 1978. He grew up in Padua and moved to Milan to study Design. At the age of 16 he was diagnosed with Usher syndrome. After graduation he undertook several travels, seeking new challenges and determined not to be stopped by sensory limitations. Dario spent one year in Australia and New Zealand, he completed the Camino de Santiago, he joined the crew of the “Research Vessel Heraclitus” and sailed for nearly two years from Cape Town to Havana. In 2011, he founded “NoisyVision”, a non-profit organization, to raise awareness about sensory disabilities and promote activities for people with visual and/or hearing impairments.

This will be a unique opportunity to share what we do and what we have achieved with NoisyVision with an audience from all over the world.
Stay tuned!

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