#vEyes4YellowTheWorld: yellow explosions.


From volcano Eyjafjöll (the one of the paralyzing eruption in 2010 in Iceland) #YellowTheWorld continues 2017 in name of explosive fire.
In one week it will be Etna Volcano to become a bit more yellow.

vEyes  joins #YellowTheWorld campaign.

Following a first meeting in December 2016 in Catania, the founders of vEyes and NoisyVision, Massimiliano Salfi and Dario Sorgato, discovered that they had many points in common, many shared desires and above all a similar will to do, build, To realize, to dream.

This is the basis of vEyes’s proposal to join the #YellowTheWorld campaign, if this is meant to paint the world yellow, to make it more accessible, reachable, there is no place in Italy that in the years to come will have to be more reachable and important than vEyes Land.

From 21 to 23 July 2017 Anna Barbaro and Dario Sorgato, two visual impaired, will depart from the vEyes Land and will reach by foot the summit of the Etna Volcano.

Saturday, July 22, you can join the Trek expedition on “Bottoniera”: appointment at 9.30 am at the Monte Conca restaurant (Piano Provenzana). Departure of the hike scheduled for 10 am with the visit of the various craters of the 2002 eruption fracture. Return to Monte Conca is scheduled for 13 o’clock. If you wish, you can have lunch at the restaurant (for information on lunch, contact info @ mandala-tour.com).

A Crowdfunding campaign is associated with the aim of purchasing equipment and eye equipment for the vEyes Land Center. You can donate through the following link:

Thanks to those that will contribute.
We look forward to seeing  you  on July 22nd.


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