The Gods like it Yellow – An adventure for visually impaired… and more!

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#YellowTheWorld is an awareness campaign initiated by NoisyVision, with the aim to promote the mobility of the visually impaired.

We want to spread awareness and understanding of low vision and problems related to eye disease, with particular attention to accessibility facilitation of mobility.

#YellowTheWorld focuses on potentials and on how to overcome limitations.

Dario Sorgato is the founder of NoisyVsion. He has organized the workshop The Visionary Europe with the support of the European Union in which 16 young adults joined together in Berlin in 2013. Dario has a massive interest in travelling and has travelled extensively himself. He thrives on adventures and tries to face every challenge life throws at him in a positive light.
A campaign close to his heart was when he promoted the message of #YellowTheWorld in person in a physically gruelling and ambitious expedition to Everest Base Camp in March 2015. By doing this he achieved his personal goal to flood the world with yellow.

Donato Di Pierro, curator of the project Stargardt … and around, and member of the board of Retina Italia Onlus , walked from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Adriatic Sea to raise funds for the research on Hereditary Retinal dystrophies .

For this unique experience, Dario and Donato joined forces to offer others the opportunity to live an adventure that has something extraordinary , since it can not be anything but … divine !

#YellowTheWorld – The Gods like it Yellow

An adventure for the visually impaired people.
A trek along the Way of the Gods, an ancient Roman military road connecting Bologna to Florence.

From 21st to 29th May 2016*
A journey of 120 km in 6 days.

The adventure is open to everyone, but we will select a majority of visually impaired participants.

At the moment we are still looking for sponsors, for which the costs are borne by the participants.
We hope to find sponsors and receive contributions in the following months in order to help participation in the event of economic limitations .

(If you want to contribute as a sponsor please contact NoisyVision) .

To register, you must fill out the registration form online
The deadline for registration is January 31st, 2016
The complete announcement of the initiative can be downloaded here

*Dates updated 09.01.2016 for a better logistic of arrivals and departures of participants

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