The Donkeys Like It Yellow – A new accessible trekking


In May 2016, NoisyVision promoted a journey along the Via degli Dei, for the blind and partially sighted, The Gods Like It Yellow
The event was a resounding success, thanks to the help of the volunteers of the CAI Bologna East, Mario Fantini section and the support of many people and institutions of the villages we passed, including the municipal administrations.
Success also from the point of view of raising awareness on the subject of accessibility and mobility for the visually impaired, keywords of the #YellowTheWorld campaign, started by NoisyVision in 2014.
With the support of Appennino Slow, the initiative has become a repeatable format, with the name “In the Mountains we are all Equals”..

Here we are to announce a new event, which wants to resume the wake of these initiatives, since it has taken shape from synergies born during the trekking.
On this occasion we will collaborate with Nino Guidi, walker, Environmental Hiking Guide, founder of the Association Montagne di Legami, which offers, among many initiatives, trekking with donkeys.
Here we are, ready, to paint with yellow, or to make a new path accessible. We want to try this experience with donkeys, because if Gods like Yellow, we are sure that

70 kilometers in 4 days along the Via di transumanza with donkeys,
from the Pisan countryside, through the hills to the sea.

A journey on foot, accessible and inclusive
for sighted people and visually impaired or blind.
From March 28th to 31st 2019.
Maximum number of registered participants 14.

337 Euro * for people without visual difficulties
395 Euro * for people with visual disabilities

Blind people and partially sighted people can participate, to share the experience helping each other.
A fantastic journey at the slow pace of the companions donkeys, a journey of discovery of nature through the senses, where the sight will lose importance, to make room for a deeper feeling, thanks to the presence of people with visual disabilities.

Pippa and Lulú, the donkeys, are waiting for you!

Event organized and managed by the Association Montagne di Legami, Nino Guidi, AIGAE guide, coadjutor with donkeys Renzo Rossi.

(*) People without visual impairments will help those with visual disabilities – partial or total -, constantly and for the duration of the trip. Faced with this commitment, although it is the necessary basis for an inclusive travel, the organizers recognize a slight difference in share.

The group is completed.
We will still accept registrations for those wishing to get on the waiting list in case of cancellations.

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