School: workshops and talks


There is no better way of transforming our vision into reality than starting from children and teenagers.
We offer workshops and talks to students of all grades, from elementary to high schools.
Field experiences have shown that children and teenagers receive the topics we offer very well, especially if they have had the opportunity to deal with the low vision of a classmate.

In elementary schools, in collaboration with teachers, children are prepared for the topics of diversity and inclusion with films, readings, explanations so that they are able to relate to the guest.
With different games and activities ranging from snacks in the dark, songs, drawings, we talk about disabilities in a constructive and fun way, almost transforming the limits into hero’s superpowers.

In middle schools the subjects are dealt with in a more demanding way, establishing a dialogue with the children, which becomes a real exchange in high schools, where the teenagers have the maturity to internalize the topics and understand how to transform them into growth exercises.

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