The Visual Bucket List Foundation

Do you remember the story of Lizzy?
She is the little girl from Ohio with Usher Syndrome that in 2016 was all over the news because she was able to meet Pope Francis, as one of her Bucket List wishes.

At the USH2019 Usher Syndrome Connections Conference I had the chance to meet her parents and get to know the Foundation they created after that event.

The Visual Bucket List Foundation is a 501(c)3 created as a pay it forward effort to help children who are or who will be faced with severe visual impairment or total loss of vision, experience lasting visual memories.
When their daughter Lizzy’s story went worldwide, they were shown great kindness from people all over the world, who wanted to help Lizzy see and experience as much as possible. They were generously given the opportunity to visit Italy and it was a once in a lifetime experience that will provide everlasting memories for Lizzy when her vision begins to fade.

Their story is simple. They have been blessed… and they want to pay it forward.

The Visual Bucket List Foundation was created to help provide opportunities and experiences to children that have a visual impairment diagnosis. These opportunities are intended to be a special visual memory that will last a lifetime. Each case is meant to be unique and individualized based on the child’s personal visual bucket list and their capabilities.

The Visual Bucket List Foundation is set up to serve children up to the age of 18 who either have a severe visual impairment or will lose most or all of their vision in the future due to a condition or illness.