A world beyond sight: immersive audio description soundscape experience for blind and partially sighted film audiences.


Due tothe positive result of his previous project on audio description, Cesar returns for his second research project!
NoisyVision contributed to the recruiting of participant in the previous survey, with outstanding results.
Thank you to all those who participated.

He is an audio engineering student who is currently studying how sound technologies and experimental approaches to audio description could allow blind and partially sighted audiences to have a better interpretation of the visual elements while being immersed in the narratives of the story.

His aim is to understand whether an extended audio description and specially designed immersive soundscape version of a film could allow visually impaired audiences to feel more present in the story by having access to extra information while using immersive audio, sound effects, experimental narrative description techniques and new interactive soundscapes.

If you are an audio description user and would like to help him to find proper conclusions for his paper, you will only have to answer a short survey that normally last 25 minutes. Your participation will be anonymous and you won’t be named in any form on the final report.

The online questionnaire consists of 3 parts where he will ask questions about you as an audio description user and your opinion about the features implemented in 2 scenes of the film used as the case for the study.

Link for questionnaire here

“The positive findings of my previous research has shown me that there are still some features that could allow Audio Description and sound to fully immerse audiences in the story. I hope that your participation can help the results to showcase the creative potential of AD to content creators, and contribute to the future of accessibility and immersive sound in films. Thank you so much for your time”. Cesar Portillo

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