The Gods Like It Yellow – the movie is online!


In May 2017 we went around central and northern Italy with the Yellow Caravan to promote the docu-film The Gods Like It Yellow.

After a few months we think it is appropriate to make it available online to allow a broad coverage of this video, with the aim of making this incredible story known.
In May 2016, twelve people with different disabilities walked along the Via degli Dei, a path on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines connecting Bologna to Florence.
Before leaving, we announced that it would be a great adventure, but we were far from imagining that it would be so intense, incredible, unforgettable.
This video-story is the testimony, but above all we hope it is a way to convey the most important message: we can live great and exciting adventures, despite the visual impairment.
We can, indeed we must, continue to dream.

From the words of the participants, from the stories of Santi and Agostini (discoverers of the military Flaminia) from the testimonies of the volunteers of the CAI of Bologna East transpire the emotions, recorded along the way, as if we knew that we were living a story that was worth telling.

Here the trailer

We worked hard to organize this event. We struggled on the way. we worked so hard to make the film.
A small donation would be a great help to continue.
Share this video.
Thank you.

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