A shot in the dark – a movie by Alice Holloway


In early 2016 we were contacted by Alice Holloway.

My name is Alice Holloway, I am a Final year student at university, Filmmaker and fellow photographer.  I am hoping to make a documentary about blind photography after seeing some of the images posted. I love the images on this thread and think your work is inspiring. I would greatly appreciate if you would be willing to share your story (or know of anyone), or methods of photography with me. as at the moment i am in the research phase of the film and want to know as much as i can about the subject and people.
This is the outcome of that project

A shot in the dark (2016)
The film explores what it means to be a “Blind Photographer”.

Credit to Oli Crump for photos of hattie behind the scenes.
Directors: Alice Holloway

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