The other side of vision loss, the support of an Orientation and Mobility Specialist.

On the other side there are them, volunteers or professionals. Everyone who works to help people with visual difficulties.
One of these figures is the orientation and mobility specialist.
Aurélie Bouitier is one of them.
A short story to tell the passion she dedicates to her job.
My goal as an orientation and mobility specialist has always been to take my patients further, beyond the limits. Just like this website says.
When a person loses his or her sight, he or she faces many difficulties. In particular, it must meet the challenge of independence, to be able to go anywhere, under any condition. This is the objective to which I like to take my patients, provided they agree, of course. I like the idea of accompanying them on this path, teaching them techniques and strategies so that they become more and more independent. I walk beside them. I guide them to overcome their difficulties.
For me, it is essential to take the time to discover the person, to build a relationship of trust between us.
Without it, we’ll get nowhere. Because during the time of rehabilitation, we become a team. We fight together against fears and difficulties.
I want to take them further.
I have held the hand of a patient to reassure her during her crossing, I have spotted all kinds of journeys, escorted people home because they were exhausted, taken time to listen to them, welcomed their joys and sorrows. Working with the patient’s family is also crucial. Without this support, the patient may lose motivation. He needs to be valued and looked at, even if he lacks sight.
I have done many rehabilitations during my ten-year career. My desire and motivation remain intact.
I always enjoy being with my patients and giving them more than they thought they could.get.
Aurélie Bouitier, Switzerland

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