Usher Syndrome. Game Over


Last September 21st, on the occasion of Global Usher Syndrome Awareness Day, we published the video “Usher Syndrome. Game Over” on our social media channels.

This video was made by the students of the Scuola Holden (Turin, Italy), College Brand New 2017-2019 as part of the course dedicated to business communication, which saw students collaborate with NoisyVision Onlus and vEyes Onlus.

This is our article that describes how the work started.

After a few weeks, the students were able to make this interesting video that immediately struck us for the creative approach to a subject as delicate as that of diagnosing Usher Syndrome.

In the first scene we see a boy jogging in a park. At one point he stumbles because he has lost his balance. Immediately afterwards you see a situation in which the protagonist realizes that he does not hear what the people around him are saying. A night scene follows, in which the protagonist collides with a pole.
To the bewilderment for these symptoms follows the diagnosis of Usher Syndrome, announced in a cold and detached manner by a doctor who sketches a condemnation without escape to a life of …. and fortunately you no longer hear what the doctor says, leaving the benefit of the doubt..
But here comes NoisyVision, a videogame that provides the tools to face the difficulties and accept the challenge of this disease.
As prizes of a first generation video game, a friend’s support appears, then the hearing aids, the white cane.

The story continues, to the next level, to fight the other monsters that for now we don’t know what shape they have.
We hope that this video game will be completed in the future, both in design and implementation, to build together the pieces of a story that sees us as protagonists, not in a video game, but in real life, where challenges, at times, are really difficult.

And so the game is anything but over, but the GAME OVER title wants to be a hope. The desire that patients on the one hand and researchers on the other work together to defeat Usher Syndrome.

What would be the first scene of the next level?

Click on CC and choose Englihs in the settings for Captions

We take this opportunity to thank the students who worked on this project and congratulate them again.

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