The next NoisyVision adventure will be with Gino, The Yellow Caravan.


Gino may look like a simple caravan, a funny old caravan, but it’s actually much more: Gino is a social multi-catalyzer.

When we stumbled upon the crowdfunding campaign Join the Hate-Free Caravan community that aims to get Gino back in shape and ready for the next adventures, we immediately thought it would be a great opportunity for a NoisyVisionary journey on the road.

It is Yellow, it is Italian, it is social, it is hate-free.
It is perfect !

NoisyVision has already contributed to the crowdfunding and we already secured 7 days on board sometimes in 2017 (dates to be decided).

We still do not know the route and the destination but there is one sure thing. NoisyVision will expand its #YellowTheWorld campaign with another and completely new adventure.

Do you want to be on board? Do you want to make sure that Gino will be able to travel more?

The internal furniture is damaged in a way that little interventions are no longer enough. Furthermore, the old but strong engine, needs to be cleaned and its valves changed in order to reduce its environmental impact.

Gino needs help. Gino needs you!
Help Gino, help NoisyVision.
Let’s make sure Gino can get on the road again and a group of visually impaired people will enjoy a wonderful journey!

Don’t worry, they will not drive 🙂

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