#YellowTheWorld. If we like a city.


Do you want to help us to #YellowTheWorld?

How about putting all of these yellow (or black) thumbs in your city or in the places you go to visit?

Noisyvision and a group of visually impaired people from all over Europe started this campaign in Helsinki in October 2014.
We want to make sure that everyone is aware of the benefits of specific qualities of the objects, signs and infrastructures, for example colors, contrasts, sizes, materials, positions…

If the timetable at the bus stop is written with big font we like it. And we stick a yellow thumb on it.
If the streets are too darkat night, we do not like, and we stick a black thumb on them.
We want to physically tag as many cities and places as possible .

If they are yellow, we like them and we prefer them,

Today the geographical maps are not as important as in the past because we can go almost everywhere. What we care about is how accessible places are and why we should go there.
Imagine if you could see from the sky the color of the cities.
Visually impaired people would choose the yellow ones because it is there that other people stuck the “LIKE” thumbs.

Whether you are visually impaired or not the message of this campaign needs to get loud and everyone could contribute to yellow the world, because the more accessible cities are, the better to live and to use for visually impaired people but also for everyone else.

The yellower is the world the better it is for everyone.

Let’s see where we get more of these yellow thumbs.
Tag Noisyvision on your video.

If you print on yellow paper

Donate for this campaing and other Noisyvision Projects

One comment from the community

  1. bravi ragazzi ,fatevi sentire !!!! è ora che la gente , ma in particolare gli amministratori, capisca quali possano essere gli ostacoli per chi come voi cammina per la strada .
    Io, da parte mia sono già stata dal sindaco del mio paese per fargli notare alcune situazioni in piazza, ma contribuirò con la mano gialla e nera, mi piace molto questa idea!!!!!

    ciao a tutti e ….FATE SENTIRE LA VOSTRA VOCE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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