Yellow, the color of inclusion.


We have been hearing about yellow for some time. You see yellow everywhere.
In this la Repubblica article it was highlighted, in the last lines, how yellow could be the color of the future, despite the somewhat uncertain, not to say negative, past.
Yellow can be seen well and that is exactly why it has become the color with which we would like to paint the world.
For those who haven’t figured it out yet, YellowThe World!
Screamed as when we at NoisyVision are leaving for a journey, or written as a hashtag in our media communications. #YellowTheWorld
Turn and turn it all started from there, from that awareness campaign started in 2014 in Helsinki by a group of young NoisyVisionaries.

Over time, NoisyVision’s projects have evolved, inclusive trekkings have become one of our most sought after and known activities. Group trips that seek to reproduce the society we would like in a reduced space and time.

From the accessibility of #YellowTheWorld to inclusion it is a short step, because words are often confused and used as synonyms. In some cases they are and regardless of the meanings, the contaminations are evident. Because making accessible means including. Conversely, in some cases, attention to inclusion allows people with specific needs to have access to initiatives, spaces and information that are often denied.

This is why yellow has become the color of inclusion.

It’s not a random choice, it wasn’t the same whether it was red, blue or green.
Maybe we could have thought about pink. Just for the fact that even a pink jersey, like a yellow jersey – cycling aside – makes you smile, puts you in a good mood.
But yellow is energy, warmth, positivity, optimism.
We leave the hidden meanings to historians, what we see is enough for us, or what we still see in the case of low vision. It is enough for us to know that the vibrations of a yellow flag are the closest thing to a ray of sunshine that warms, illuminates and unites. Includes.

This story is beautiful and well orchestrated because it is true.
This makes it attractive to those who see its communicative potential.
We would be happy to see that yellow really invades the world, just as the slogan itself says. WE PAINT THE WORLD YELLOW.
However, it is necessary that the meanings and intentions are shared, just as we would like to have the merit of having found a way to say so many things without words, without slogans, without speeches, simply with a color.

But wasn’t yellow the color of the possible?

In fact, on several occasions Dario Sorgato has told his story about him to reach the conclusion that yellow is the color of the possible and, as he says in his TEDxBerscia (see the video here), it is the color that defines dreams.

The color of those who want to go further, try to overcome themselves, to change the things we don’t like.
YellowTheWorld, that invasion of yellow that wants to make the world more accessible, reachable, becomes the yellow of our world, of our potential, it becomes the color of the possible.
The color of those who take care of their dreams.
Of those who try to make them happen

Even in this key of interpretation, we are in fact talking about a declination that differs little.
Because inclusion is one of the biggest dreams we have.

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