Paint It Yellow: #YellowTheWorld goes overseas


A group of Scout Girls, Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital Troop 1673 decided to initiate a challenge with the name PAINT IT YELLOW, inspired by the NoisyVision #YellowTheWorld campaign.

The story began in September 2017 when they were Brownies, and their Troop Leader told them why she sometimes could not see their hands raised or hear them when they called her name. She had them try on glasses which simulated her vision. She then told them she has Usher syndrome. They were sad…then mad…then they decided to make a difference.

Over the next years they contributed actively to the Global Usher Syndrome Awareness Day until in October 2019 they heard about NoisyVision’s Yellow the World campaign.
They were so impressed that they wanted to host their own challenge to PAINT IT YELLOW!

PAINT IT YELLOW is a spin-off of #YellowTheWorld,

Though Dario Sorgato has Usher syndrome, he has not stopped living his life to the fullest while inspiring others to do the same. He hikes for hundreds of miles, planting flags to raise awareness. He has inspired many to join him, some of which are completely blind.

We are inspired by our Troop Leader and ‘the man in the banana yellow suit’ telling the world ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Why We Are Painting it Yellow

We want to help people like our troop leader and Usher Syndrome Society board member, Peggy Borst and NoisyVision founder, Dario sorgato. We want to raise awareness for low vision diseases like Usher Syndrome and make the daily lives of those with low vision easier.
Borst loves being a Girl Scout Troop Leader and tries not to let her disability slow her down. She tells her troop to always follow their dreams and that working to make a difference in the world can make the darkest of days seem brighter. She has been a Troop Leader for 5 years, since the girls were Daisies.

Borst met Dario Sorgato of NoisyVision at an Usher Syndrome Coalition conference and was so excited to tell her troop about his AWESOME campaign. As you can see, he was wearing a banana yellow suit which was hard to miss.

How Are We Painting It Yellow?

People with vision loss often have difficulty seeing where a sidewalk or crosswalk ends and the road begins.  This is a challenge when entering/exiting businesses into the parking lot or crossing the streets. Better markings would prevent injuries from falls or accidents in the street.

Did you know some people with low vision might see stairs as slides and cannot differentiate each step?  Putting yellow strips on stairs will help those with low vision determine where each step begins and ends.  We want to paint it yellow, federal* yellow, because it offers a nice contrast against concrete and asphalt.


What can you do to raise awareness or help those with low vision? Do something that will grab someone’s attention or make a difference! Look below for inspiration or BE CREATIVE! You can do one thing or three, whatever works for you!

Don’t forget to submit your entries for everyone to see in the LIVE FEED! You must include the hashtags #paintityellow2c and #yellowtheworld for it to appear in the feed! See all guidelines below.

  • Contact your local administrators to see if you can paint it yellow in your town (your town’s stairs, sidewalks, curbs, bus benches, etc.). Remember, contrast helps people see better. Need help? Contact us at [email protected] and we can tell you how.

  • Host a social distanced lemonade stand raising awareness for Usher syndrome and low vision.

  • Paint your Cookie Booth YELLOW (virtual or in-person)!

  • Wear Yellow! Sponsor a YELLOW day at your school or virtually.

  • Frame your social media page with a yellow border and tell all your friends to do the same. Be sure to say why you are doing so.

  • Paint your hair yellow.

  • Buy a fun Paint it Yellow shirt to support our troop. Wear it and POST it on social media with the hashtags listed.

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