Watch it online! #YellowTheWorld – Everest Edition


It’s out!
After the Premier at the cinema Moviemento in Berlin, which took place on the 2nd October 2016, the documentary is now available for online streaming.

To raise awareness on Usher Syndrome and the limits of visual impairment, Dario Sorgato, founder of NoisyVision, brought the #YellowTheWorld campaign to its highest point.
In the documentary Sorgato explains the motivation, preparation and completion of his adventure, trying to share how the sensory limitations can impact his daily life but do not prevent him to live it to the fullest.
The documentary includes testimonials from all over the world.

The documentary is mainly in English with English subtitles throughout its full duration.

A version with Italian subtitles is also available.

  1. Rent the movie. You will have to register or sign in on Vimeo and pay with CreditCard or with PayPal. If you are too lazy to do these 2 simple steps, the documentary is not for you.
    It took NoisyVision team a lot of time, efforts, pain and money to create this product.
    Two simple steps on top of the very small charge are not a good reason to stop you from watching it. Right?
  2. Screen the documentary for educational purpose. If you want to screen in your school, in your organization, in your club, … please send NoisyVision a request and we will provide you with the full movie.
    In this case we will charge a different fee for public screeing


And let us know your comments!

YellowTheWorld – Everest Edition from NoisyVision on Vimeo.

All income from VideoOnDemand purchases will be used for the upocoming projects of NoisyVision.

The documentary is not fully accessible. We apologize for this. We do not have the resources to make this possible at this stage.

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