Be part of the documentary #YellowTheWorld – Everest Expedition


After several weeks I completed the Everest Base Camp expedition as part of the #yellowtheworld campaign, after the earthquake in Nepal and while the country, the people and myself are trying to rise again, I am ready to move on.

One of the steps I am taking is to produce a documentary about the expedition.

And I need your help.

Since the expedition was possible also thanks to Social Media and all the people that in a way or another helped me, I thought to ask you to be in the documentary.

It will be a Social Movie and I am asking you to shoot a short clip of yourself and send it to me.
It is very simple.
It will take 10 minutes of your time. I guarantee. Am I asking too much?

1. Choose a nice background and a silent location (no wind, no cars, no other noises …)
2. Make sure the light is good and your face illuminated.
3. Set your smarthphone, iPad, camera, … on movie mode at the highest resolution and get ready to shoot.
4. KEEP THE DEVICE HORIZONTAL. You can ask a friend to hold it for you and ask you the questions.
5. You do not need to worry about making a professional video and about possible interruption in the speech. Everything will be edited in postproduction.
Be spontaneous, be creative, be you.
6. You can speak in your language (Italian, German, English, Spanish do not need a transcription, if you speak in other languages I would need to know what you say)
7. You do not need to complete all the sentences and answer all the questions. You can also say just one word.
8. I do not expect to hear necessarily good things. You may have suggestions, ideas,…. Feel free.
9. Length of video; from 10 seconds to 3 minutes.

10. Send the videos via wetransfer to [email protected] or via email directly if the size of the file is not too big ( max 6 MB)

12. I cannot guarantee that all the clips will be used, but I will try to add as much as I can.


  • My name is…
  • I met Dario… ( I know Dario since… I never met Dario…. )
  • Dario is….
  • Noisyvision is…
  • I think Dario went to Everest Base Camp because…
  • I think this expedition was…
  • I hope that….
  • What do you think Dario will do next?
  • What do you think Noisyvision will become or should be?

I am looking forward to see you.

Thank you.

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