Netblind, the App that helps the blind to find a volunteer


Being blind means having dinner with a packet of crackers because you have not found someone to accompany you to the grocery store.

This is what you read in the description of Netblind. a slightly catch phrase that tells with a sad and disconsolate image one of the problems that a blind person could experience.
Perhaps it would be advisable to have a pizza or a hamburger with fries brought from one of the many home delivery services, or perhaps to write on any social network “I am blind and I have nothing in the fridge, is there someone from my city ​​or area that could bring me a sandwich?”

But instead of placing an ad in any social network, why not create a special service, where those requesting assistance know that he/she is in the same network of the volunteers?

Netblind was born as an answer to this need. And is not only for food shopping. It could be also for travelling, playing, talking, studying…

Netblind is that lucid madness that turns into a company created by young adults. A young and dynamic group that wants to fofer technology and competence to support the daily life of the blind.

Netblind is a project that combines the needs of people with visual imapairments with the civil spirit of the many volunteers who are part of the community. Netblind opens its doors to the blind but also to all those who want to help and donate their time.

We at NoisyVision wanted to marry this project and make ourselves available for dissemination.
In fact, the service will be activated only if there are thousands of registrations.
Yeah, thousands.
The distribution must be widespread, so that there are many registered volunteers who must make themselves available to people with visual disabilities.

Whether you are a blind person or a volunteer, Netblind is looking for you. Join our community!
Netblind is a paid application. Netblind is a completely self-financed project which, to date, has not received any contribution from public or private entities. Specifically, the download of the app is free, the first two friend requests will be sent by the blind user free of charge to the third, however, Netblind will propose the subscription of the annual Premium subscription at a cost of € 2.99. Even the volunteer received two friend requests at the third Netblind reception will propose the subscription to the annual Premium subscription at a cost of € 0.99. Both subscriptions will allow the sending or receiving of infinite requests. Same modalities for the association option (€ 49.99 per year)

When we first read about this project, we immediately thought of Be My Eyes, an app that in fact has a similar concept, but stops at virtual support, via the smartphone’s camera.
To simplify, one could say that Netblind is the Be My Eyes of the real world.
Many people know her Be My Eyes. Whether they are registered or not, because the most famous newspapers in the world have written about it.

Netblind deserves the same success.
And you can help us make this happen.
At the moment it is available only in Italy, but maybe we can help Netblind to find investor to open the doors for a worldwide distribution.

You can

  1. Download yourself to the app and enter the network (as of April 2020 only in Italy)
  2. Invite at least 3 other friends
  3. Talk about it with other friends and on social networks

They are simple gestures that can change the lives of many people who maybe eat a packet of crackers for one evening, but may want to take a tandem ride.

Have you ever ridden it?

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