VICE Media looking for blind or visually impaired for an interview about sex.

VICE Media is currently looking for couples in which at least one partner has a visual impairment (including, but not limited to, blindness) to do an interview for its ongoing series This Is How We Do It. The series focuses on interviews with couples in which at least one individual has a condition, or has had an experience, that is often associated with desexualization in modern culture and media. By showcasing frank and honest conversations about how these couples navigate sex and intimacy, the series hopes to push back on the notion that any group is inherently desexualized.
VICE is hoping to conduct these interviews by the end of Monday, April 6th. Interviews would be conducted via phone, with both members of a couple on the line simultaneously and would take between 30 and 45 minutes. Pseudonyms may be used, if desired, given the sensitive nature of the subject matter.
If you are interested, please contact Mark Hay at [email protected].

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