February, low vision awareness month


According to several sources, including the Foundation Fighting Blindness (one of the most authoritative organizations to combat eye diseases) and National Eye Institute February is low vision awareness month.
It is an almost exclusively American anniversary but it seems appropriate to us that these celebrations have a global reach. In this regard, we are proud to be the association that acts as a sounding board for Italy.
In fact, if you search the Internet for “low vision awareness month” you will find various information, while in Italian nothing appears.
So join us and help us promote this anniversary.

It is difficult to say that it should be celebrated, but it can certainly be an opportunity to encourage awareness of this still little-known problem. We offer you some ideas.

1. Do what they Suggest on the page of the National Eye Institute

2. Share one of these articles

2. Become a member of NoisyVision or invite someone to do it.

3. Organize a Facebook fundraiser for NoisyVision. All funds raised in February through donations on Facebook will be donated to research on retinal dystrophies.

4. Share this video

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