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There are many reasons why each of us decides to be part of a group, a team, an association.
But there is a reason why being a member of NoisyVision Onlus really means wanting to change the world.
NoisyVision wants to make the world more yellow.
We are the ones who started the #YellowTheWorld awareness campaign.

We want to make the world more accessible to people with visual impairment, we want to make activities which make us enjoy life.
We want to walk in nature, travel, share stories, keep us informed.
We strongly believe in the strength of the group, of sharing.
We believe in YOUR value.
Join us.
Here all we offer.

Become a member of NoisyVision Onlus.

Fill the online form
Pay the annual fee of 25,00 Euro

bank details
bank account: 100000156980
Name: NoisyVision Onlus
IBAN: IT92M0306909606100000156980
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