Retina International Usher Syndrome Special Interest Group (SIG) Newsletter


RI USH SIG launches newsletter

Retina International’s Special Interest Group for Usher Syndrome (RI USH SIG) has launched their newsletter to share up-to-date information on Usher Syndrome advances around the world.

Please find attached the first edition of the newsletter as a taster. If you wish to receive this Usher-specific newsletter in future, please click this link to subscribe  and feel free to share this link and information within your organisations with anyone that would like such information.

A word from the RI USH committee:

‘We hope you enjoyed our inaugural newsletter.  We are very committed to making our communications accessible.  If you wish to receive this newsletter in an alternative format, please let us know by emailing [email protected] and we will endeavour to issue future newsletters in your preferred format.

We will come back to you with interesting news very soon. To make sure not to miss out any important news about USH research, clinical trials and surveys subscribe here.

This inaugaral newsletter has been written thanks to Dominique Sturz, Melissa Chaikof, Carol Brill, Isabelle Audo.

You can download a copy of the newsletter from here

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