NoisyVision won the ACCESSIBLE TOURSIM Prize


At midnight on May 14th the votes for the 2018/2019 edition of the ACCESSIBLE TOURISM Prize were closed and with 240 votes WE WON!

As stated in the official release

The ‘Public Prize’ of the 4th national competition ‘ACCESSIBLE TOURISM – Journalists, Communicators and Advertising exceeds the barriers’ organized by the non-profit organization DirittiDiretti is assigned to the work ‘Even At The Donkeys Like it Yellow – The First Inclusive Trek’: A journey on foot, accessible and inclusive for non-sighted people, held from 28 to 31 March 2019 along 80 km of the Via di Transumanza, from Cascina (PI) to the sea.

A project in which «the blind person was guided by the sighted traveling companion , who in turn drew satisfaction to be of help; but even the sighted person was guided, by the blind, to sharpen the ability to perceive the world around him/her through the other senses: the scent of nature, the wind and the heat of the sun that caressed the body, the rustling of the trees, the sensations that rose from the feet along the legs, step by step. We both felt the same sensations, in a reciprocal exchange that was really and materially on par, in a dance between trusting and relying on each other. The companion who was guided was not always the same person, so the exchange of sensory experience and ”closeness” took place between the different participants. ”


We wish to thank all those who worked to vote. it was a compelling competition, until we achieved a remarkable detachment compared to the other participants, assuring us the victory with more than double the votes. We are sure that the other projects are also worthy, but we had no doubt that we would have achieved this success. The project is part of a series of other projects under the banner of yellow, the color of the world we want, color of the possible and accessibility for the blind and the visually impaired, color of inclusion.
Our project is part of the #YellowTheWorld campaign, which had already seen us assign this award in 2018, when we were awarded the plate of Experts. In short, for two consecutive years we have achieved this important recognition, which has the patronage of the European Parliament, EUROPEAN COMMISSION – Representation in Italy, Presidency of the Council of Ministers Chamber of Deputies, Abruzzo Region.

The greatest satisfaction is that of having witnessed a great collaboration on the part of members, supporters and friends as well as people who do not  know our work. If this award is also a communication award, victory confirms that we have done a good job of dissemination, promotion and that we are able to involve and convince people, regardless of disability.

Our thanks is for each of you, that you have dedicated a few minutes (or maybe more) to read, understand and vote, although it was a bit complicated. We would really like to repeat the chain of messages, phone calls and posts to shout THANK YOU with the same strength with which we said YOUR VOTE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. As you have seen, every single vote has really made the difference.

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