I see the way I see


How many times we felt alone hearing that question “Can you see?

Maybe we felt angry or a bit disappointed. Perhaprs we sighed and answered “Just a little”

The truth is that everyone of us (visually impaired people) can see and is used to live day by day in her/his own particular way, different from anybody else. In this kind of uniqueness it’s easy to feel lonely and complain: “Nobody understands me”.

Therefore sometimes we keep our secret, we don’t say anything about our visual impairement, and someone might think we are drunk or crazy. Maybe we tried to explain but it’s so difficult and many questions are asked.

It is not so easy to talk about low vision.

There are no rules, there are no standards, categories and numbers on doctor´s papers are not enough to represent our daily life.
But this is the challenge of every kind of low vision, of every kind of disability. And the challenge is dedicated to the community.

We are different one another but we have something in common to start from, and in spite of our uniqueness, we share questions, doubts, dreams and opportunities.

If we start to get in touch, to know ourselves and to know each other, sharing what being partially sighted means, we will feel stronger and less lonely, so that we can breathe, smile and answer:

I see the way I see

I am Nadia, I’m a woman and I am partially sighted. I live in Modena (in the north of Italy). I’m proud to be born here but in the same time I love to feel like a part of one world.

I bellieve that everyone comes on this planet to enjoy a journey called life, in order to discover something new.

Passion for beauty, regained faith in life and trust in yourself, love for humans lights and shadows, motivated me to observe, study, read, write and talk about humanity, diversity, strenght, worries and courage.

My mission now is to listen to people and help them to see all beauty they might forget. For this reason I chose to become a counselor in order to dedicate myself to who – facing hard times – might loose themselves in pain.

It’s not easy. The temptation to feel gloomy or to get angry against Universe could be strong, while a grey sky could push us to forget colors.
But suddenly a ray of light comes, you hear a voice, feel a smile and someone comes to you…

So we can start to walk again. Together.

To meet up. To build a network made of beauty and diversity. These are the reasons why I decided to get in touch with NoisyVision.

I desire to enrich this website with stories and reflections; I’d like to share feelings and thoughts in order to get in touch with readers.

I’m going to write about visual impairment telling how it could make you loose every point of reference. I’d like to tell something about how we learn to see beyond sight, reminding that certain looks can see much more than you can imagine.
I’m going to tell how fear turns into courage, how anger turns into peace, keeping in mind that the journey towards harmony has no end.
I’ll write in order to give and get mirrors able to push us to grow up together.
I’ll write in order to create together with readers and others a network made of beauty and wonder.

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