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I regret having to write this post, but I have to try.
According to 2.0 strategies is wrong to ask “Likes” and shares, but when NoisyVision reached nearly 800 “Likes” Facebook has changed algorithm and now you have to pay to make sure that users see the posts.
800 is a ridiculously low number, when you consider the thousands or the millions of other pages, but it is not easy to talk about stuff  as interesting as tits and kittens.

With just three clicks you can help NoisyVision to spread its message.
We try to inform about a different world and maybe new to you. But we do not want the stories of visually or hearing impaired to remain for the insiders.
We want to integrate the world of disabled people with the non-disabled. And show the limits in a different way, not as such, but as a strength.

Maybe some post will not be interesting for you, but with your help we can reach a wider audience.

What can you do?

  1. “Like” the page, if you haven’t yet.
  2. Choose to receive notifications (Go on the page, click on “like” and receive all notifications)
  3. Share this post.

If you do not want to do any of these actions, you can still walk around with the cool t-shirt  SuperEye

Supereye Yellow Noisyvision T-Shirt

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