Letter to the participants of The Gods Like It Yellow


I finally slept in my bed.
Here in Berlin.
I was almost afraid to go into the house, knowing that I would find everything as it was before I left.
While I am no longer the same.
I unpacked, I took out the yellow t-shirts, the yellow jumper. I put the wax on the shoes and went to sleep.
I dreamt.
I do not dream often.
I dreamt of you, I swear.
I dreamt of a day walk.
It was not one of the days we walked. The landscape was different.
I was seated among the rocks and I was watching the sun rise over the sea.
I wanted to take pictures so I was late to join the group.
The sun was so beautiful, big, yellow, so I did not notice that the time passed and when I woke up from enchantment of dawn there was no longer anyone.
Andrea was not there to close the group, there was no Fabrizio.
I was alone.
But it was a dream.
What happened in reality surpasses the dream.
Nobody was left behind.
From Bologna we left.
And we arrived in Florence.
All of us.
Without exception.
Maybe is too early cause we are all aware of this.
Not so much for the fact that we arrived, but HOW we arrived.
We arrived different, we got there together, we walked all in a single line the last ten steps, just for fun, but to represent that we were all there.
We were a group that in the hot sun of a May afternoon screamed to the world
One two three … YellowTheWorld!
What a scream!
I cry.
That immense happiness.
Not only the birds singing, not just the voices, laughter and silence will remain engraved in our hearts.
There will be a scream.
It will be a victory, a conquest.
They will be the ten steps of all our new paths.
This is a story, guys, let this be known.
This is a story that we will love to tell.
We have a color, a name, a scream, a place.
We have all the ingredients to say … I was there.

And now it is time to start telling this story.
We lived it for us, we know that.
We talked, laughed, ate, dreamed, drank, sang.
We did everything for us, ’cause we knew we wanted this adventure.
And without asking, without knowing it, without imagining, the adventure has emerged better than all expectations.
Imagine all the “ifs” that have not occurred.
Only a succession of positive factors, and great people.
Us and all those who have seen, read in newspapers, heard on radio.
We definitely generated a few smiles, we made someone think, we said a lot just for the fact that we walked.
A simple gesture, a everyday thing that we are lucky to be able to do.
With or without other limits.
We can walk, we can go.
Thank you.
Thanks to each of you.
Thank you for having believed and for having contributed so exemplary in making this great experience.
I have a bit of group dynamics experience and I know it’s not always easy to get along, especially if you are tired, if you walk the entire day.
Instead, to my knowledge, we have always been sharers, accomplices, united.
A beer and another day was gone.
Each of us has conquered Florence.
Each of us has made possible an individual conquest and a collective one.
Once again we can say that the union is a strength.
If only these were the lessons that we can take in our daily lives would be enough to have the grit and the charge to conquer other cities, other worlds.
But there is something we do not know yet.
There are the silent voices that we have not heard.
There are no words, songs of birds, wind, rain, sun, hills, mud, rocks, which came into us and one day we will know that we have moved blood we did not even know it was flowing through our veins.

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