PRO RETINA Deutschland e.V.

PRO RETINA Deutschland e. V.. was founded in 1977 as “German Retinitis Pigmentosa Association” for those affected and their families with the intention of a self help group. Every member can join one of the existing regional groups today that are spread over the whole German territory. There are currently ca.6.000 members.
The Executive Board, the head of department, the consultants, the regional group leaders are all volunteers, so that the administrative costs remain low.
It is difficult to imagine how difficult the life of a visually impaired or blind person is-  especially for visual and hearing impaired. So the efforts of PRO RETINA Deutschland e. V.  are to enable the research.
The mission statement was adopted in autumn 2012 by the General Assembly.

RETINA Deutschland e. V.  was NoisyVision partner in the realization of the workshop The Visionary Europe, held in Berlin in 2013.