The #YellowTheWorld crystal is still on Himalaya


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There is a beautiful light. A perfectly blue sky. It is eight o’clock in the morning. The streets are almost deserted on this Easter Sunday.
The leather seats, the background music. No noise from outside.
Muffled inside a big Mercedes I float to an address that I communicated to the taxi driver. It is a street in Berlin where there should still be my home.

I’m in shock.

It does not even look like a city.
There is no dust, no noise. There are no cars, motorcycles, bicycles, people. The driver is always on the same side of the road, never honks, does not try to make me memorize his phone number so that maybe I you call him tomorrow.
I vacillate between two worlds and I realize that this city is Berlin.

Kath-man-du, Kath-man-du, Kath-man-du. There is a rhythm in the name of this city. I had dreamed it. I had seen myself in its streets, and did not know anything about it.
Now is another place where I was, another place I lived, another layer of dust on my skin.
I know its smell, I know the sound, I also know the mud that it leaves on the shoes in a day of incessant rain.
Kathmandu is also the beginning and the end of a journey to the roof of the world.

So far I have not yet written and shared the experiences of this trek.
I posted some photos, some videos, not much.
A little because of technical difficulties from Nepal, a little as a choice.
Anyone who knows me knows that I like to write, I like to tell stories and describe.

What happened in those thirteen days on the mountains?

What did I feel, see, hear, say? what did I not say?
Perhaps now it is all about images, or perhaps I have not yet come back.
Surely I have a lot to tell, to say, to share.
I want to do in the best way, trying to transmit images but also emotions, lived not only with the eyes, but with the whole body and heart.

My desire is that this trip is the beginning of a new journey. To yellow the roof of the world was only the beginning. As an ice crystal that melts, the yellow of #yellowtheworld thumbs will flow like a river in flood.
No need for dams or bridges. Let it flood, let it flow.
Let it yellow you, drink it and be yellow.
Yellow will be a way of saying that we are all able to go beyond our limits. And accept those we cannot overcome.

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  1. Ciao Dario!
    Innanzitutto ben tornato, anche se forse un pezzo di te è rimasto lassù, a quota cinque mila, e da li non si schioderà mai più!
    Attendo ansioso un tuo racconto!

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