Day 4 – Brainstorming the Visually Impaired Friendly City


Today in the morning we did the presentations of each country of the participants and each team of each country had to choose four photos to show the difficulties that we have met in our countries relating them to the qualities circle examined the day before. In the presentation we had to mention both positive and negative examples. In fact, this was our ‘homework’ before coming to the project. It was very interesting because what we had done the previous days (exploration day and circle of qualities) we had it then in concrete format.

After the presentations of each country, each group had to place the photos inside the circle of qualities in order to be able to create the visionary city later on. The task was to find somehow the solutions for the bad examples related to the circle of qualities. For example, sight can be improved by sound; one quality can be improved by another one. In conclusion, we combined what we had learned by experience the day before in the context of the circles of qualities. We could see our countries with more awareness now in the context of a friendlier city for partially sighted people.

This was the first part of the day. After lunch we did brainstorming in four groups of four persons. These teams had the opportunity to choose which part of the city to explore, to visualize and started to do brainstorming in order to create a visionary city model. During the brainstorming it was very important to interact with each other in respectful and responsible way and let each other express their own ideas.

It was very emotional because the dreams were the same and because we felt that we wanted to do something concrete, something real to improve our every day life.

The task was to open totally our minds without fears and without considering “normal” people: partially sighted are the kings!

The trainers gave to us a lot of different kinds of material and gave to each team one flip-chart where to write a list of our ideas in order to create, visualize the model of the city the day after. It was a challenge to co-operate with different personalities and people with different levels of vision. Because the dreams are the same but the ways to realize them can be different. We had had a sort of list on flip-charts first and it was funny to see the other teams’ proposals.

The groups were four, so the paper-tables that we created for the four different parts of the city will be put on the four sides of a cube, of metal frame, which actually represents the Visionary City.

After this full day we went sightseeing on a boat. It was very nice as we stayed well in company and relaxed ourselves after all the activities we had done. There was a good atmosphere because the group has found a good feeling during this week so we enjoyed our time together. I feel that we have been able to create a good feeling, to enjoy each other without talking about the sight problems and the difficulties related to the V.I.P. (Visually Impaired People)

The lesson that I have gained from this workshop is that in any case you have to go forward, not back.

Written by Luigina

We did presentations of photographs of our own countries, which we then put them all on a big chart, to find what it is like to be VIP in other countries and to what advantage it would be to bring it back to our country.

We brainstormed to find the perfect city without limitations. Why we did that? To try to find new ways to improve our cities. Like the zebra crossings for example, which is a small course but of huge improvement in terms of mobility and accessibility.

We gained perspective of what is there in the cities and also what is there NOT.

We gained good knowledge of what is in other countries, both good and bad. It was not ideal in any country. Most countries are a bit similar in some good, in some bad. There are still big problems to overcome.

There is no utopia yet.

Later in the day, after all the activities we took a boat trip, leisure cruise to the Spree to have the CRAIC (fun). It was a great day to unwind. It was GRANT!

Written by Bernard King

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