Deafpride: I am deaf and I am cool. Hearing aids are trendy


All deaf and hearing impaired people know that choosing a hearing aid is not simple.
It ‘s such a personal hig-tech device that two individuals with the same audiogram may find benefit from two very different hearing aids for the type of sound response provided.
In fact hearing ss not only a matter of decibels and deficit but also of feeling and there is no digital system that can measure this unambiguously.
However, if you could spend a lot of words on how to choose a hearing aid, for the moment we leave to the specialists the arduous task of leading the purchase, of a hearing aid and focus just on one aspect that might influence the choice of a device.
On the wake of an article previously published on Noisyvision, we point out again the embarace linked to the use of hearing aids, to see what has been done in recent years to give these objects an appeal that can position them differently on the market, in the same way of the glasses, visual prostheses now accepted as part of fashion trends.
Meanwhile the Americans have already found him a name, an acronym, PCA -Personal Communication Aids, while the Swiss Phonak may got inspired by the Swatch to implement the color palette of a product that has always been skin color .

These models belong to the Phonak Audeo, who has received several awards for design. Phonak Spice Generation includes coversthat resemble animal skins

Designaffairs STUDIO has gone even further but the idea of a technological piercing is still a concept in development.

Less eccentric but also cool Dual Oticon, with an innovative shape and with over 50 color combinations

Just to keep up, Siemens introduced on the market stylish products such as Life

and Siemens Explorer, for children, customizable with a choice of colors and stickers.

Watching this video I am almost glad to be deaf

So far so real, or at least realistic, but in some cases the individual imagination or creativity have gone much further, as you can see from the gallery below.

Tube Twists in verde/blu di Hayleigh
Helping Hard of Hearing and Deaf Children & Adults Be Proud of Their Hearing Aids!
Steampunkt (or headphones) by Nicrosin
The ‘blingiest’ hearing aid of the world
Gold- and diamond-encrusted hearing aid with remote controller priced at $ 50,000 is the nuttiest hearing aid promotion campaign, that Widex has chosen to cope with the aggressive marketing of the other competitors to attract baby boomers.
California artist Julie Schustack created the multimedia piece Hearing Aid, an absurd tangent the artist followed while creating clay cones inspired by a Thomas Edison invention.

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