Kevin Frost: when a deafblind is the fastest


Kevin Frost is a world class speed skater – he is ranked as the third top speed skater in the world in his age group. That’s quite a valiance on its own, but an amazing talent when you consider that Kevin is legally deaf and blind. Frost started losing his hearing at 11 and vision at 30, but he was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, only when he was 32.
He has tunnel vision (only 8% of normal visual range) and a sound has to register about 90 decibels for him to hear it.
Nevertheless he doesn’t let it get him down; indeed, it motivates him.
In is personal website a list of top prizes proves his special capabilities but mostly the value of his words.

” My philosophy has been if someone throws you a negative, you throw a positive back at them.i am not going to give up”

This summarize his guiding rules on life which can be applied to businesses as well, but mostly they can be helpful to other deafblind people.

  1. Keep the Positive Energy: Use that energy to improve and excel.
  2. Give and share: We help oursleves by helping others.
  3. Find ways to deal with issues: Life is never smooth, but you got to keep your smile on

This sounds quite close to NOISYVISION motto:
“how I learned to stop worrying and love my limits” which is a way to say that deficiencies can be transformed into potential.
Kevin Frost made it real.
WE want to thank him for the example and wish him to keep winning and hopefully fulfill his dream to compete in the Olympic games. Currently Usher Syndrome and the International Paralympic Committee’s failure to recognize deaf-blind speed skating as a sport.

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