University of Iceland: litterally #YellowTheWorld



Today on October 13th Ungblind the youth committee of Blindrafélagið, organization for the blind and visually impaired in Iceland, yellowed the University of Iceland. The project idea is originally from Noisy Vision and #YellowTheWorld and it’s main aim was to start the conversation about accessibility at the University and in other unaccessible places for visually impaired people.

The world wide day of the white cane is this coming Saturday and in the spirit of being more visible and making unaccessible things more accessible we bought a box full of yellow tape and put down on steps and stairs all over the university.

The response to the project has been mostly good. People in general like the idea and think it’s long overdue. Steps in the main buildings are now more visible than before and fully sighted people have praised the project and us for doing it.

The case for visual accessibility is strong and benefits everyone, there is no doubt about that. Now we just have to wait and see if this is a big enough push to the university to do something about their accessibility for everyone!

Sigríður Hlín Jónsdóttir
Head of the youth committee


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